We don’t believe in selling.

We believe the proof is in the pudding.

Traditional selling is intrusive, aggressive, pushy and rude. One-Time-Only Discounts? Buy Now Or Miss Out? Give us a break. However smoothly it’s done, you know that somewhere along the line you’re being set up, sneaked around, hornswoggled or hoodwinked. It’s not nice.

We take a different approach. A simpler, more honest, more effective approach.

We let people try what we do. Free. Yes, we give it away. And in meaningful samples, too – not just tiny little teasers.

So if we were selling cars, we’d let you take one home for a week. No strings attached, no sales push. If we were business consultants, we’d provide a healthy dose of insightful, actionable advice. Free. If we made pudding, we’d let you taste it. Not just a spoonful. A big cup.

That way, people get to experience our service. In full. For real. Not just what we do, but the way we do it. The kind of people we are.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. And customers who like what they taste will come back. Ready and happy to pay.

Some people think this is crazy. ‘Think of the cost!’ they cry. Then they go spend thousands of dollars (at least) on their next promotional campaign. We think that’s pretty crazy.

Why not save those marketing dollars, and use some of them to let people experience your business first hand? No tricks, no deals, no intrusion or aggression. That’s what we do. And it works.

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The Pudding Manifesto
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Illustration by Sugarmaple
Howell Golson.